Fibromyalgia now considered as a lifelong central nervous system disorder

Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind osteoarthritis and, though still widely misunderstood, is now considered to be a lifelong central nervous system disorder, which is responsible for amplified pain that shoots through the body in those who suffer from it. Daniel Clauw, M.D., professor of anesthesiology, University of Michigan, analyzed the neurological… Read More »

Canadian researchers find link between gut bacteria and fibromyalgia

A Canadian study has revealed a link between fibromyalgia and alterations in gut bacteria—a discovery researchers say could lead to faster diagnosis for patients grappling with the chronic pain condition. Researchers at McGill University identified 19 species of gut bacteria that were either increased or decreased in patients with fibromyalgia. The study found that the severity of… Read More »

Lady Gaga on her fight with fibromyalgia: ‘Chronic pain is no joke’

In the October issue of Vogue, the 32-year-old pop star opened up about her struggle with fibromyalgia, a condition that affects the nervous system and causes pain throughout the body. “I get so irritated with people who don’t believe fibromyalgia is real,” the singer said. “For me, and I think for many others, it’s really a cyclone of… Read More »

Cannabis Company diseña un parche para el dolor para la fibromialgia y el dolor nervioso.

Numerosos estudios científicos han confirmado los efectos milagrosos del cannabis, por lo que ahora sus restricciones se están reduciendo en gran medida. Se reconocen más de 85 cannabinoides, y nuestro sistema nervioso y digestivo tiene sus propios receptores endocannabinoides, que desempeñan un papel importante en nuestro cuerpo, al regular el apetito, los movimientos, el sueño… Read More »

Ce thé guérit la fibromyalgie, l’arthrite rhumatoïde, Hashimoto, la sclérose en plaques, et plus encore …

Le thym a été célèbre depuis longtemps, et il a été habituellement utilisé pour traiter différentes maladies, de la grippe à des crises épileptiques. Au milieu de l’époque médiévale, les individus ont mélangé du thym avec de la lavande au carré avec des sommes et jetés sur les planchers des maisons d’adoration pour éliminer les… Read More »

3 Healthy Teas to Drink Daily for Cancer Prevention

Did you realize that tea is the second most expended drink around the world, after water? While tea fermented in the conventional way is still a dietary staple in many parts of the world, a continually expanding scope of sound teas in differed structures is currently accessible. Large portions of these teas offer different medical… Read More »