Privacy Policy

The privacy is taken really seriously at healthaccrue. healthaccrue intends to provide the best kind of treatment plans and health related content for the people using this website. The document including all the references used by “us”, “We” and “Our” will indicate about healthaccrue and its team.

By using the website you are bound to agree to the privacy policy of this website. If you in any case are not in agreement to the privacy policy then you must not use the website.

  1. All the information collected by healthaccrue while you register at the website are needed to communicate and form an account for you. The information might be used by website in order to provide you better facilities. Other than that the website might collect your IP and internet service connection type while giving you the facilities for official purposes.
  2. This website works with a cookies policies. In this case your data is saved on the website so you when you return, you can use the website in the most proficient ways. The cookies distinct your personal use and provide you with likes.
  3. We might get the information about your web server logs and IP address in order to fully comprehend the image by users. These are logged in order to manage the traffic and authentic use made by the users online.
  4. All the public postings made on the content and blogs on healthaccrue, are monitored by us. Any usage of racial, religious or any other conflicted language would get the comment to be deleted. If the activity further continues then healthaccrue has all the rights to ban the person from using the website.

healthaccrue do not encourage the minor users to use the content without parental permission. Along with that healthaccrue does not knowingly take the data of minors who are using the website. We encourage the minors to use the website after parental guidance. However most the data provided on the website is health related and family oriented. However if any minor goes on to buy something from the website then the information goes automatically in the web sites data center.

Information taken at the healthaccrue while registering will be used for notifying changes on the website, in order to deliver something or to process transactions with you.

healthaccrue has all the rights to change the clauses of privacy policy anytime we deem essential. We can use the information if law abides us to do so in any case as well.

The information of the users is highly protected and is shared with third parties only if it’s really important. The information in any case is never sold to any other party. If the law has to enforce or the if investigation in any case of fraud, cybercrime, potential threat and suspected fraud, the information can be shared with governmental institutes.

Any person avoiding the rules set by healthaccrue will face termination of account from the website. Please review the full disclaimer at the DCMA and Terms of Use as well.