When I have fatigue what I can do?

By | October 24, 2016

There are many things you can do to reduce the impact of fatigue. Start by making possible causes then talk to your health care team so that they can see different ways to help control it. If you think your drug therapy may be the cause of your fatigue, talk to your doctor about your treatment review. They can also look for signs of other conditions that can cause fatigue, and check your levels of inflammation or anemia.

If you have signs of active inflammation, your doctor may change your medication to improve their symptoms, which will help to alleviate fatigue. If you have certain types of inflammatory arthritis, it is possible that a biological therapy, which can significantly reduce fatigue in some people it is prescribed. However, it is unusual to make major changes in drug treatments to control fatigue unless there is significant evidence of inflammation as well. No specific drugs that can treat fatigue related to arthritis, but there are many ways you can reduce the impact of fatigue on his life without medication. Behavior change how this works, but most of us need help to do it, so discuss this information with your doctor or team of rheumatology, you should be able to help you work through it (in particular occupational therapist, a specialist in rheumatology nurse or physiotherapist).

Try combining some of the following tips on self-management.

You can read more about them by following each link: the “Four P ‘- problem solving, planning, prioritizing and rhythm control their energy production and fatigue talk to family and friends learn to say no join a support group increase your physical activity deal with stress or anxiety find support for low mood Have a good night sleep eat a healthy diet.

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